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Our Mission

At Nerve CBD, we are on a mission to change what recovery means for active people everywhere. By collaborating with our community, we are able to innovate and create the highest quality CBD products, so you can get back to your passions as soon as possible.

What Nerve Does Different

You could go to any CBD provider right? So why is Nerve CBD different?

We at Nerve are focused on giving only the best products to our customers. And to figure out what the best products are, we constantly work with the community to learn and adapt. Market testing, surveys, and feedback from our customers help us get the insight to help make the CBD industry better. Whether its "I want my dog cbd drops to have a peanut butter flavor", or "have you thought about making electrolyte water enhancers with CBD?" Any input we can get is seriously considered.  

The other thing that makes us different, we don't sell a single item we wouldn't use ourselves. CBD dog treats, sleep aid, recovery balms, and consumables. 

Pup Drops

300mg & 500mg

Our 300mg & 500mg are top of the line tinctures. We work with Greener Frontiers, who with their proprietary technology called Deeper Green, can take an oil-based cannabinoid and convert it into a truly water-soluble shell. Because our PUP DROPS are water soluble, they're vegan, sugar-free, and extremely fast acting. The process means 90 to 95% of the CBD available, opposed to 30 to 45% in most oil based tinctures.

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