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Pup Drops

Pup Drops

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Pup Drops offer consistent, fast working water-soluble hemp. Our dogs grow older and more anxious every day, just like us. Giving your pup CBD everyday may support overall health and wellness. 

  • Vegan
  • Sugar-free
  • Fast Acting
  • Lab Tested
  • Water Based
  • Made in the USA


Nerve's Pup Drops are developed using Greener Frontiers proprietary technology called Deeper Green. Deeper Green takes an oil-based cannabinoid and converts it into a truly water-soluble shell that is compatible with the mucosa in the body, which includes the nose, mouth, lungs, and digestive tracts. The water-soluble shell is not only what gives our product its white appearance but also delivers 90-95% of the CBD infusion, making it an extremely efficient CBD product. 

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